Welcome to my webste!

This whole place is under construction so its going to be fast and sloppy for a hot long while. Please don't mind the mess :)

Here's where I post pictures of my sculptural works, its the main thing i'm working on right now and the main thing on this webpage. I'm thinking of having them grouped together by type. I tend to make things in similar thematic batches or phases.

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first forays vase link wheel sculptures link wings sculptures link hollow sculptures link


This website is the digital home for my artistic projects. It is a place where I can give things more context, talk about my process, and share my influences without feeling constrained by the stylistic expectations and transient nature of popular social media platforms.

It is also an experiment in living earnestly. With less fear, With less shame.

Like many closet cases
I grew up with fucked up ideas about what it meant to be a man.
Let alone what it meant to be human.
The experience of wanting to live was so excruciating, terrifying,
I ran, I buried myself
I hid for so long Under the Shadow of The Mountain Called Fear.
Cocooned in a dozen protective layers of detached, sardonic irony.
Nothing coming in, nothing coming out.

Its no way to live. Just anothery way to die before the heart stops beating

What Starts as a Shell

Turns to A Web

A Cage

A Noose

I was very young. I was (am) still learning how to live.
Hi there past me, Hello present you,

It's alright, i'm not mad. I'm actually very grateful

I'm so proud of you

You were so brave,

And so strong,

For such a long long time,

You did the best that you could.

You got (us) here,

so thank you